Eagles News · Salado JH vs. Llano

The 8th grade A team came out a little slow but quickly turned it around and took down Llano in 2 games. There were many amazing blocks and kills by Bri Waters. Lexi Dudeczka was named player of the game for her serving and passing. The Lady Eagles are improving and getting better each game.

The Lady Eagles 8th grade B team took their first win at home against Llano. With a quick lead in the first game, the Eagles win 25-6, 25-19. Allison Alcozer gave the Lady Eagles an early lead with her consistent serves. She didn’t miss one serve throughout the match and was named player of the game for her versatility and aggression on the court.

7th grade A team played their best match of the season taking down Llano in 2 games. The team played great volleyball last night with many great serves by Jill Taylor. Elliot Self was named Player of the Game for her great play at the net and communication and leadership throughout the game.

The Lady Eagles 7th grade B team is heading into game 4 undefeated! The eagles worked hard on the court, finishing the game in just two matches. Winning the first match 25-22 and the second match 25-16. Mya Rogers was named player of the game with her positive attitude and consistent serves. The Lady Eagles are continuing to work hard going into next week’s game!