Eagles News · Jr. High Girls Basketball

7th grade A team:

Salado                              15

Fredericksburg             32


Leading scorer:

Reese Witmer               8pts


“This was a  much closer game than what the score shows.  The girls played good defense and executed two new offenses we learned this week pretty well.  Fred had one really talented player that was hard to shut down.”



8th grade A team:

Salado                             33

Fredericksburg            55


Leading scorers:

Eishen Young                     13pts

Darci Pryor                          6pts

Kymberleigh Deen          6pts


“These girls fought hard but had a tough 1st and 3rd quarter and couldn’t stay up with this aggressive Fredericksburg team.  I felt that our post players really stepped up this game and had some great rebounds.”



7th grade B team:

Salado                                6

Fredericksburg             18


8th grade B team:

Salado                               8

Fredericksburg            24


We will start our second round of district  next Thursday, Jan. 18th in Burnet.